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Like all first time parents, meeting our ball of fluff was love at first sight. We where naively oblivious to any possible health complications that our pup might have. Over our first year together, we wondered what percentage of both breeds he was, and any possible health risks, and decided to look into DNA testing. After researching, it didn’t take long to find that PetGen provides the most extensive and detailed report, listing every possible genetic disease, plus a family tree of his ancestor’s breed profiles. The process was quick and easy. We received progressive updates along the way, excitedly awaiting results. When our report arrived, we gathered around to find a surprise that Teddy has a third breed in him that both his parents have genes of. Nothing is more relieving that a report of zero single gene diseases. Plus knowing our percentage risk of any complex diseases, helps us work on diet, supplements and any possible prevention. Knowing the exact genetic make up of our dog has helped us understand his character, his mannerisms, and allows us to cater for his specific needs. Thank you PetGen for providing such an amazing report, we can sleep easy knowing our pup is in good health.

Australia, 20 Jan 2023

Thank you for the incredible report! So many friends are kicking themselves for not finding y’all and going with [another company] first, can’t wait to test our other guy too

Australia, 20 Jan 2023