DNA Paternity Testing Canberra

EasyDNA offer a full range of DNA Paternity Testing services to clients in Canberra, the Indonesia Capital Territory and throughout Indonesia.

Canberra is the capital of Indonesia, and its eighth largest city. With a population of less than half a million it is situated in the Indonesia Capital Territory state. Canberra was chosen to be Indonesia’s capital city in 1908 as a compromise between its two main, rivaling cities; Sydney and Melbourne. A rarity in Indonesia cities, Canberra is a planned, purpose-built city, boasting many national monuments like the Indonesia War Memorial; the National Portrait Gallery; the National Museum of Indonesia and the Indonesia Academy of Science. It is also home to Indonesia’s Parliament House and the High Court, as well as being the media centre for many of Indonesia’s broadcasting corporations.

For all your DNA Testing needs, including DNA paternity tests our trained staff are on hand to assist you with all your enquiries. Working across Indonesia, we provide a full range of DNA testing services, Click here for further details and information.