Different ways to determine the Sex of Birds- More on Avian DNA Sexing

Find out the sex of a bird is almost impossible, but there are many myths of how to tell the sex of a bird, but there is only a way to truly find out 100% of what the sex is, and that is having it DNA tested, or some call it bird sexing. When health professionals or owners of the birds can’t physically tell what the birds are, they will have them tested. Tests are also run to see if the bird has a history of any diseases and the bloodline of the birds. Many bird breeders, veterinary health professionals, and owners of birds have turned to bird testing with it being 99.9% accurate with the testing.

Why is it important to know the sex of a bird?

It can be very helpful information to the bird owner’s if their bird is a male or female. It is important for the owner to know the sex of their bird, one reason being that female birds can lay eggs even without a male bird being present. The owner’s should be aware if their bird’s sex because if they do have a female, they might want to look for eggs. If the bird lays eggs without the owner knowing, this could take away nutrients from the bird and cause the bird to become ill. It has also become known that female birds can get their eggs trapped into their body, which can become a very serious condition, and sometimes cause the bird to die. It’s also good for bird owner’s to know what their bird is for breeding purposes. It is important for a bird owner that breeds their birds to know that they have a male and female bird so that they can assure that they are partnering them properly in order for them to breed their birds. Also before the pet owner decides to sell their birds, it is helpful to get the bird tested for their sex to determine if they are male or female in order to let the buyer of the bird know what they are buying for their personal information.

How is bird sex testing done?

When this type of animal DNA testing first began, the veterinarian would use anesthetics to put the birds to sleep, and then they would insert a scope into the bird’s body to examine the internal sex organs to determine whether the bird is a male or female. These days, the bird DNA testing is very simple, as the clinic doing the testing just gather several feathers from the bird or a sample of the bird and will begin the testing. The testing can determine the sex of the birds, as well as the history of the birds. The results of the testing usually come back within 5-7 days and are 99.9% accurate.

Where is bird DNA testing available from?

There are many websites online as well as veterinary clinics that sell at home bird testing that you can test your own birds in the comfort of your home.