Cheap DNA Testing: What can I expect to pay?

Cheap DNA Testing does not necessarily mean forfeiting quality over price. It is anything but so. In fact, you can find both quality and a well priced test. More than anything, it is knowing what criteria and issues to look out for before doing your test; once you have determined that the DNA testing company has these criteria you can rest assured that the price of secondary importance.

Unfortunately, the moment one sees cheap paternity testing, they often begin to have doubts and queries. The word “cheap” has more than one connotation- either meaning that the paternity DNA test is well priced and the quality and cost are balanced, but more often, clients and consumers get the idea that “cheap” means substandard quality. Using a term such as low cost paternity test may sound “nicer” but essentially refers to the same thing.

Cheap paternity testing: what do I look out for?

Definitely, first and foremost look out for accreditation. You are not interested in the business accreditation but the accreditations of the labs carrying out the DNA testing of your samples. You may want to look out for the two most important accreditations being ISO17025 and NATA. These accreditations mean that the labs have the necessary technical competence for carrying out paternity tests and other types of DNA tests.

Make sure the labs involved test 21 genetic markers on all DNA samples in a paternity test- this is the minimum accepted standard. Any lab that tests less should raise bells in your head and you should steer clear of these.

The fact that the tests are cheap also depends on how many tests- the processing capacity- of the lab. The larger the processing capacity of the lab the lower the cost of each test becomes. Since most companies are offering low-cost paternity tests it would be hard for a company to thrive and offer prices which are much higher than all the other competitors. Interested in some more information about cost of DNA testing? Visit this web page.

Keep your mind at rest that you will not have to worry about this if you follow some guidelines. Cheap paternity testing does not mean having to worry about accurate and reliable results.